Helio Skin Superfood

I hate my legs!!🤕 my veins popped out all over the back with my last 2 babies!!(they are 12.5months apart)😤😤 my legs were hurting and I was thinking about looking into fixing my veins !! But I had tried the helio before and didn’t stick to it but decided around Christmas I was gonna try hard to rub our helio at least on this leg after every shower!! I skipped a few days here and there and used 2 times a couple days when they really pinched and hurt … but this is the difference in just a couple of weeks !!! They are still ugly (ha)😁but some of the worst veins have gone down. They don’t hurt so bad! And it’s not a huge difference but there’s definitely something changing!!! I’m so excited that this product is changing my life!!

 – Carol Y.


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