Helio Skin Superfood

“So I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to try Helio and put it to the test. As most know I suffer from symptoms of Cervical Myelopathy. Though I don’t get some of the symptoms in my arms and legs it highly affects the back of the neck. It actually goes a little bit lower and the pain, stiffness, numbness, and deep pain can spread towards the shoulder’s. It gets so bad I literally have to move like a robot with my neck and just not turn it. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. I rubbed some of this [Helio Skin Superfood] on me and by my shock within 10-15 mins I felt less pressure and pain and I can start moving my neck……. going on a hour and another light application rubbed in I noticed it was easier to move my neck and the intense stiffness was gone. Though I am still feeling slight tightness I am so much more relieved. I cannot explain in words the discomfort this brings. This Helio is truly a recommendation, it just works. I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer with this type of discomfort or any other symptoms Helio can help relieve.

As far as the application goes, easy smooth, and a light application needed which means your 8oz bottle will last awhile.”    – Taja A.


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