So if you haven’t tried the Flawless Mascara yet…you guys…Flawless is AMAAAZING!!
(Please excuse the awful brows. I would say that they usually look better, but I would be lying to you 😉)

Lashes though. This is ONE COAT, ya’ll.
No primer (don’t have any)
No curler thing (don’t own one, never will)
Bottom line…this healthy, nontoxic mascara is absolutely as effective as any high priced, chemically enhanced, professionally endorsed product on the market. And I’ve tried ’em ALL.  How awesome is that?! 

 – Kelsi W.


Flawless Mascara

I hate my legs!!🤕 my veins popped out all over the back with my last 2 babies!!(they are 12.5months apart)😤😤 my legs were hurting and I was thinking about looking into fixing my veins !! But I had tried the helio before and didn’t stick to it but decided around Christmas I was gonna try hard to rub our helio at least on this leg after every shower!! I skipped a few days here and there and used 2 times a couple days when they really pinched and hurt … but this is the difference in just a couple of weeks !!! They are still ugly (ha)😁but some of the worst veins have gone down. They don’t hurt so bad! And it’s not a huge difference but there’s definitely something changing!!! I’m so excited that this product is changing my life!!

 – Carol Y.


Helio Skin Superfood

I wouldn’t be able to live right now without these 2 products. Being pregnant, the leg cramps and all over aches are severe! Thankfully the magnesium spray and lotion keep me supplied in the magnesium I need to control these pains. I’ve already woken up multiple times screaming of the leg cramps (sorry to my hubby, I’m not dying…), but thanks to magnesium, I can go back to bed!

 – Sarah B.


Magnesium Lotion

Ok….so the other day, I was putting my JE skin products on in prep for putting make up on. I have a two sided make up mirror that I use (regular and magnified) and as I was putting on moisturizer, I wasn’t able to see the usual deeper wrinkles in my face. So I switched my mirror over, thinking that it must not be on the magnification side? Well, it WAS on the magnification side!! I have used these (and more) Jordan products for only a few months and I can honestly say that they have help my 68 year old skin look at least a decade younger!! I’ll TAKE it! ❤️❤️😊😊

  – Kelsi W.



Face Care

Okay this is a testimony to good skin care (also blessing from the Lord). I have just completed 30 radiation treatments for cancer in my mouth/neck. According to the information I was originally given, I would have burning and blistering of my skin. I didn’t start getting redness until about 2 weeks ago and still much less than expected. I used skin relief, unscented Shea butter, deep face moisturizer, and Shea cherry lip butter several times a day plus magnesium Dead Sea salts in my bath. My doctor, nurse, and radiology staff couldn’t believe how great my skin looks. I have sung the praises of JE products and hope that I will be a living example of just how great the products are.

– Lissa A.


Jordan Essentials

I had a nasty case of poison ivy on my face. This is the result of just ONE round of treatment. I washed with the Charcoal Soap, applied the Detoxifying Clay Mask for 10 mins, then followed up with Skin Relief with a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil in it. Look at the difference!    – Kristen


Charcoal Soap

“So I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to try Helio and put it to the test. As most know I suffer from symptoms of Cervical Myelopathy. Though I don’t get some of the symptoms in my arms and legs it highly affects the back of the neck. It actually goes a little bit lower and the pain, stiffness, numbness, and deep pain can spread towards the shoulder’s. It gets so bad I literally have to move like a robot with my neck and just not turn it. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. I rubbed some of this [Helio Skin Superfood] on me and by my shock within 10-15 mins I felt less pressure and pain and I can start moving my neck……. going on a hour and another light application rubbed in I noticed it was easier to move my neck and the intense stiffness was gone. Though I am still feeling slight tightness I am so much more relieved. I cannot explain in words the discomfort this brings. This Helio is truly a recommendation, it just works. I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer with this type of discomfort or any other symptoms Helio can help relieve.

As far as the application goes, easy smooth, and a light application needed which means your 8oz bottle will last awhile.”    – Taja A.


Helio Skin Superfood

Testimony from my four year old and I! We have tried EVERYTHING to de-tangle her hair which nearly goes past her butt!!! She told me this morning while I was brushing her hair “Momma I’m glad you found some good hair tangle stuff! I don’t cry no more when you brush my hair!” Literally every morning was a struggle with brushing her hair until we found Jordan Essentials!!!    – Alaina L.


Kids Detangler

As simple as this is….I LOVE this hand soap and so does my family! Smells wonderful!♡ we are almost out…gonna need to restock soon!

Foaming Hand Soap – Sea Spa

So I have been struggling with eczema on my hands for at least 5 years. I have been using steroids, but it only cures one “cut” while another appears elsewhere. I’ve been using the HELIO cream for only ONE week and I didn’t take a before pic because I didn’t think it would work!! But it HAS!! This stuff is amazing!


Helio Skin Superfood