Good For Your Skin

With ingredients like Magnesium, Lavender, Peppermint Oil, and more, Jordan Essentials blends some of the earth’s healthiest ingredients into our products – and leaves the toxins out.

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Muscle pain? Headaches? Eye twitches or restless leg? Discover the power of MAGNESIUM, known to soothe a variety of symptoms!

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Bath & Body

From luxurious moisturizers to soothing serums, pamper yourself with the Jordan Essentials spa experience.

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Essential Oils

Commitment to purity, high quality, and stringent standards are what you get in every JE Essential Oils.

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Face Care

Cleanse, age defy, protect, and detox without harsh chemicals. Look and feel your best with JE natural face care.

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Mineral Makeup

Gorgeous looks, natural ingredients AND sun protection . . . get all the benefits of mineral makeup, without the irritating chemicals.

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Our “Happy & Healthy” List

Discover the healthy, natural ingredients we love blending into our products for you and your family.

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Our “Never-Ever” List

See which toxins make our naughty list – ingredients you’ll never-ever find in Jordan Essentials.



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