Stay Healthier This Winter!

Versatile, aromatic and powerful, essential oils have been used to create safe alternatives in formulas that can be used to spray in the air, spray our body and household items, add to a diffuser, use as a foaming hand wash to help keep us healthier during the cold and flu seasons.


6 Ways to Prep Your Face to Look Your Holiday Best

Do you have a holiday party coming up? Sometimes it can be hard to find just that right look for the party you are attending. We want to look gorgeous but also natural and not overdone. Want perfect makeup? It’s what you do before applying makeup that counts.


100’s of Cool & Spooky Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time of year and pumpkins are a staple!  The ideas below are cool and spooky , scary and fun at the same time, you'll find all kinds of fun pumpkin ideas to decorate your home.

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Your Diet is Powerful – Wholefoods that Impact Your Health

Chances are you have renewed your commitment to maintaining your good health and taking care of your body when dealing with illness and disease. A great way to help reduce chances of illness is to implement a robust, sickness-fighting diet, especially disease such as breast cancer. This is vital to your overall health. Your Diet is Powerful - Wholefoods that can Impact Your Overall Health


The Most Creative Halloween Costumes!

Here's a fun little Halloween Costume compilation I thought you all might enjoy!! If you can’t stand the thought of being the 20th sexy cop to show up at your best friend’s Halloween party, you might want to take a closer look at the holiday’s most inventive and completely-homemade costumes. These people love Halloween and they know how to create a costume people will be talking about for years.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Subscription Boxes!

The time for gifting is, well, ANYTIME.  I don't know anyone who doesn't get excited about gifts.  Whether it be giving gifts, or receiving them, we LOVE anything that has to do with gifting.  However, sometimes it's difficult to buy someone a gift if you aren't so close to them, or we all have that… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Subscription Boxes!


Hi! I’m Amy

  Hi!!  my name is Amy Challender. Thank you for visiting my NEW blog!!  I'm so excited to share with you and hope this journey will help others as much as it has for me.I was born and raised in Spokane, WA and received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Gonzaga University (Go Zags!).  I… Continue reading Hi! I’m Amy


Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut Oil

Ingredient Spotlight:  Coconut Oil     Coconut oil is an abundant source of lauric acid, a fatty acid known for its antimicrobial, moisturizing, and possible hormone-balancing properties. Aside from its anti-aging and skin-healing benefits, it also may stimulate the production of collagen, and its vitamin E content may help protect the skin from sun damage.Jordan… Continue reading Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut Oil


Ingredient Spotlight: Lemon

Ingredient Spotlight: LemonLemon, particularly the essential oils extracted from this amazing fruit, have powerful antioxidant qualities, cleansing qualities, and nourishing qualities that, in addition to its delightful aroma, are a valued addition to many JE products including several Essential Oil Blends and our NEW Tone and Firm Body Lotion!