7 Super Easy, Kiddo Friendly, DIY Ornaments

7 Easy, Kiddo Friendly, DIY Holiday Ornaments you can do at home. It's my absolute favorite time of year.  The "HOLIDAYS" - such a significant chunk of time in the year that it has it's own special label in my mind.  The traditions, the smells, the decorations, the thoughtful searching for the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care, and did I mention decorations?

DIY, Healthy Mind

DIY Christmas Ball Makover

Who doesn't have a bunch of old and slightly boring Christmas Tree Ball ornaments lying around in a box?  Give them a makeover by covering them with strips of newsprint and they get a whole new rustic look!

DIY, Healthy Mind

DIY Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament

Homemade ornaments are fun, personal and the sky is the limit for your creative juices. I love anything rustic, natural looking, whimsical, and most importantly kiddo friendly. This Star Ornament is one of those that was inspired by West Elms Yarn-Wrapped Ornament.  I'm super excited to share our fun project with you!


DIY Copper & Twig Wreaths

Is that the most wonderful time of the year I smell in the air? Have I mentioned I've always loved all things Christmas? Our Holiday season is filled with doing all things Holidayish: go ice skating, drink mint Baileys, put up the Christmas tree, lights and decor (at an appropriate time of course - ie after Thanksgiving), shovel snow, go twinkly light hunting, view the Christmas Light Cruise on Lake Coeur d' Alene, wear hideous matching family PJs, spend lots of time with family, and get snowed on. In addition, the kiddos and I make fun Christmas Tree ornaments and wreaths.  We usually try to hang at least one wreath to decorate the house. This year, we're going to go with something cheerful, shiny and chic to go with our freshly painted house. Easy, kiddo friendly, DIY copper and twig wreaths, great holiday craft.


DIY Twig & Raffia Star Ornaments

I love a cute and creative star ornament, but these simple twig and raffia star ornaments have got to be one of my favorites star crafts that the kiddos and I have made. Being a Montessori family, when we're crafting with the kiddos, we often make our crafts from items found in nature.  It's an inexpensive way for us to enjoy crafting, a great excuse to get outside, to explore the beautiful complexities in nature, and to appreciate our surroundings.


DIY Bleached Pinecones

I’m a huge fan of NATURALS at Christmas. And I love this beautiful bleached pinecones diy! Have you ever bleached a pinecone? They are easy to make and the results are quite stunning! Everyone should do this science-experiment-diy… it is amazing and fun! And you don’t have to be crafty! Really! Let’s make bleached pinecones!


DIY Pine Cone Bow Ornament

Here's a a mini tutorial on Pine cone Ornaments that took like 30 seconds to put together! Okay, maybe 3 minutes each…  (In fact, they were so quick that they’d be the perfect friend-craft-night project.  Nice and simple means a little bit o’ crafting………and a lotta bit o’ chatting and laughing. )


Super Easy DIY Cinnamon-Scented Pine Cones

Pine cones are an inexpensive way to decorate seasonally. Arranged in a basket or vase by the front door, they invoke the holidays without putting out the hardcore Christmas decorations before a flake of snow has been forecast. Increase the warm and cozy factor this year with DIY cinnamon-scented pine cones.

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Myth Vs. Reality – Breast Cancer

Understanding necessary information about breast cancer is of vital importance, because it could help you recognize or help dissolve confusion when it comes to myths and realities about breast cancer.

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Love Your Locks – How to Prevent Unwanted Hair Guests (Lice)

Lice can hit any household – whether you are the cleanest in the neighborhood or not (a common myth that you only get lice if you live in a dirty home, but it’s not true). Getting rid of head lice is, in my opinion, a painful process. Hours of painstaking combing and nit-picking in front of some horrible cartoon on the TV. I'm getting totally itchy just writing about it. Prevent those nasty hair guests from nit'ing their way into your hair and home with this easy prevention spray.