6 Ways to Prep Your Face to Look Your Holiday Best


Do you have a holiday party coming up? Sometimes it can be hard to find just that right look for the party you are attending. We want to look gorgeous but also natural and not overdone. Want perfect makeup? It’s what you do before applying makeup that counts. Below, Jordan Essentials provides 6 simple steps on how to achieve a gorgeous flawless look this holiday season. Let’s get started!

1.  Cleanse with a facial cleanser designed for your specific skin type; pat dry.


2.  Exfoliate away dry, rough skin with a scrub and scrub brush; use gentle motions.

Gentle ExfolientFacial Brush

3.  Tone your skin to balance its pH level; apply with cotton pads or cotton balls. Let your face dry completely.

Toner Mist.png

4.  Moisturize your face and neck. Massage eye cream in toward your nose.

Daily Moisturizer.png

5.  Apply primer to fill in fine lines and ensure a smooth application.

Eye Fix Light

6. Wait a few minutes before applying your makeup.

Then grab your Jordan Essentials Mineral Makeup to finish that holiday look. For that natural, but eye catching look, use the following products for a soft eye and bright lip.

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