Easy DIY for the Holidays!

I can’t help myself.  I keep finding more adorable DIY Holiday items that I just HAVE to share!! Sit down by yourself or with the kiddos and whip out some fun and easy crafts to decorate your home for the Holidays!


I just love these simple braided Rope and Ribbon Wreaths by I Spy DIY.  I can’t wait to try this with the kiddos!


If you love the song then you are going to adore this little sign that you can make in about an hour or so. You can use reclaimed wood for this one, too!


If you have an old pallet that you want to use for a holiday DIY project, this is a great project to check out. You just turn that old pallet into a gorgeous Christmas tree painting.


This DIY drop cloth wreath is a perfect piece for your home during the holidays and is so simple to make.


These fun leftover tile ornaments turned out so beautiful!  Try them here!


You can find a load of round wooden plaques for crafting. Take one of those and turn it into an adorable oversized ornament wooden sign to hang in the house or on the porch this holiday season.


These adorable Christmas gnome ornaments are a 15-minute holiday craft. Simple craft supplies and imagination are all you need to get started.


Here is something for those of you who prefer the simple, unsophisticated DIY Christmas centerpieces. Heaped with mini frosted pinecones and white pebbles, this unpretentious cylinder vase displays cheery spirit. All you have to do is to place a tall (8- to 10-inch) pillar candle and holder inside the vase and surround it with rustic elements.


Here’s some adorable Holiday DIYEucalyptus and Wood wrapping paper to spruce up under your tree.


The reclaimed wood, transformed into a rustic tea candles holder, provides a hint of tradition and could be the base for all understated homemade Christmas centerpieces of candles, pine cones, and evergreen branches.


I’m in love with these fleece Cone Christmas Trees.  Check out the tutorial here.


These DIY Christmas Tea Light Holders from InstruPix are incredibly easy to make using unexpected items: epsom salt and glitter. They are a beautiful holiday display for flameless tea lights, or could even be used as a vase for holiday garland or flowers.

DIY Holiday Mason Jar

Here’s a fun, easy, kiddo friendly way to decorate clear plastic ornaments without a ton of time or breaking the bank from Sweet Red Poppy.

Easy Decorations Clear Ornaments.jpg

These cinnamon reindeer ornaments don’t just look cute, they’ll spice up the room with the aroma of cinnamon from Crafty Morning.

Cinnamon Ornaments

Okay Holiday and DIY lovers!!  Go forth into the season and be creative, healthy and happy!!!

Easy DIY for the Holidays

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