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All The Elf On The Shelf Ideas You Need This Holiday!

ElvesSo we’ve gotten past the arrival of your Elf on the Shelf.  Now what?  Christmas is not complete without these cute little fellas in your home. So, all December long, enjoy the fun tricks with these Santa’s Subordinates in your home.

Your friends are posting all kinds of fun and crazy things their Elf is doing but, be it exhaustion, lack of creative juices, or what have you, you’re stumped.


Fear Not!! I’ve been there, done that!  So in the interest of parents far and wide who’ve struggled like I have to get the Elf juices flowing, I’ve compiled a list of fun Elfish ideas for this Holiday.  Some are from around the net, some from friends, and a couple – I’m proud to say – have emerged from my own creativity and have become a favorite giggle fest memory with my girls.

Don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, realizing that you forgot to do something cute with your Elf – AGAIN – grab this list

Without further ado – please enjoy this list of fun Elf ideas!!

🎄  This Elf is as sweet as candy!  Literally!

Chocolate Elf

🎄  Want to drive home that you can’t touch the Elf?  These little guys have Christmas Pox and it’s highly contagious! 


🎄  Most kiddos love magic and so does the Elf on the Shelf!


🎄  Tie your elf up in Christmas decorations!  This can only mean one thing: it’s D-Day – time to decorate the tree!

Tied Up Elf.jpeg

🎄  Your elf wants to be nice and snuggly, wrap him up in toilet paper.  Potty jokes are funny right?

TP Elf.jpg

🎄  This naughty Elf has been raiding the marshmallows! 

Marshmallow Elf

🎄  Perhaps your Elf has a beef with Frosty, or a rivalry?  This Elf was teaching him a lesson!

Melting Frosty.jpg

🎄  Set your Elf up with Christmas-y books open in a circle around him. It’s a great way to entice your kids to sit and read!

Books Elf.jpeg

🎄  What elf, or kiddo for that matter, doesn’t like kisses? Set your little Elf in a mini kissing booth surrounded by kisses!  Get the printable by Living Locurto here.

Kissing Elf

🎄  Again with the potty humor? You Betcha!  Elfie, disguised as the Grinch, and some Stink, Stank, Stunk spray!

Stink Elf.jpg

🎄  Set your Elf up to help bake some cookies with the fam!  Do you have a favorite cookie recipe?  Check out this free printable from Mom Envy to set up this Elvish scene here.

Baking Elf.jpg

🎄  Again with the Marshmallows?  Heck yeah!!!  They’re yummy and look like snowballs!

Surprise Elf

🎄  This Elf is going to take his pet Dino for a walk. How cute is that?

Pet Dinosaur Elf.jpg

🎄  Was it super noisy in your house? Have your Elf take a personal day for some R & R!

R & R Elf.jpg

🎄  Get your Elf in on shoveling snow the easy way, cotton balls and a spoon will do it.

Shovel Elf

🎄  Some kiddos might need a little reminder to be good and do their chores.  Give yourself a break and make your Elf tell them!

Reminder Elf

🎄  This one take a little more planning but how cute are these Elf sized cookies!!  Get the instructions from This Mama Loves here.

Elf Sized Cookies.jpg

🎄  If your Elf has a little naughty streak, you can set her up with a glue stick and a book. This little Elf is trying to glue your book shut!

Glue Elf.jpg

🎄  If your Elf gets hungry don’t let him eat the wrong treats!

Bad Treat Elf.jpg

🎄 Because well? Sometimes a visual behavior system is just what the kids need to be reminded that acting like sugared up tornadoes will not get them in Santa’s good graces.

Naught Nice Meter

🎄 If your Elf has been super naughty, make him or her write lines – no excuses!

Lines Elf

🎄 Our Elf loves to go fishing in the Bathroom Sink, and the kids think it’s hilarious.  The fishy crackers get a little soggy after a while but they get the picture.

Fishing Elf.jpg

🎄 Here’s another fun printable from This Mama Loves  so you can set your Elf up with his very own Marshmallow Dunk Tank!  Download Here.

Dunk the Elf.jpg

🎄 Teach your kiddos to pay it forward while recycling… AND alleviate some clutter int he play room before Santa brings a new delivery!

Toy Challenge Elf

🎄 Here’s a simple but funny Elf set up.  All Elves love Googly Eyes!

Google Eye Elf.jpg

🎄 Get your kids out the door to school faster by letting your Elf ride in the car to see their school.  Make sure you have an extra seat belt available. 😉

School Elf.jpg

🎄 This one is quite impressive and takes a bit more effort.  If you can get this one done in early in the month, you can reuse some of the paper to do your gift wrapping.

Wrapping Elf.jpg

🎄 Say Cheese!  Your Elf is now a photographer. Line up some of your kiddo’s favorite toys for a bit of Elf photography.

Elf Photography

🎄 Another variation, getting your Elf all rolled up.  If you need a really easy option that takes almost no planning or prep. This toilet roll scenario is pretty perfect.

Rolled Up Elf.jpg

🎄 Elvin Taco Tuesday – Let’s Taco’bout it! This is kinda fun. We love taco night in our house, and so does our Elf!

Taco Elf.jpg

🎄 This Elf in a balloon will amaze your little ones as they try and work out how the Elf got inside. Take care not to pop the balloon in the process though, because you don’t want your kiddos waking up with a fright late at night and coming to investigate.

Balloon Elf.jpg

🎄 Sometimes you need to give the little people a friendly Elf reminder to be nice instead of naughty.

🎄 This is a fun idea if you have more than one Elf in your house, or if you want to get your other favorite toys involved.  Send them out to a sac race!

Sac Race Elf.jpg

🎄 Bath time is important, even if you are an Elf. Use cotton balls to give your Elf a good bubble bath.  Your dollhouse or Barbie bath is the perfect size.

Bath Elf.jpg

🎄 Sometimes our Elf likes to just hike up the tree and hang out with the angel. Just hanging about and making friends with the other festive character in the house. This is a quick and easy last-minute Elf move.

Angel Elf

🎄 This Elf balloon ride might require a few extra props that you don’t already have laying around at home.  You can go all out, or keep it simpler, the choice is yours.

🎄 We love My Little Pony’s! Dashing through the snow, with a bunch of My Little Pony friends…

Little Pony Elf.jpg

🎄 Nutcrackers are a staple at Christmas time. Grab a regal outfit for your Elf while he hangs out with some of her Nutcracker peeps.

Nutcracker Elf.jpg

🎄 Get into the spirit of baking. A messy but fun idea is to write your Elf’s name in flour on the kitchen counter. Make sure you time it on a day you don’t need to use that area!

Flour Elf.jpg

🎄 This is probably my kiddos favorite Elf prank so far.  We’ve done a few variations (family underwear collection pictured below), but the favorite was when Else, our Elf stole the girl’s underwear and hung them all over the tree.  They could not stop giggling every time they passed the tree.

Underwear Elf

🎄 Make use of you festive decorations with simple scenarios like this one. These reindeer have featured in many an Elf encounter over the years.

Riding Elf.jpg

🎄 Similar to the cotton ball bubble bath from earlier, this bauble bath is a fun festive twist.

Dream Elf

🎄 Sometimes it happens, someone touches the Elf.  Have your Elf bring some Magic Elf Dust just in case so you can keep the Elfish fun alive.

Elf Dust.jpg

🎄 Your Elf can give the kiddos a not so subtle reminder to be good listeners this year!

Listening Elf.jpg

🎄 Play Hide and Seak with your Elf!  If you need something quick, hide and seek is the easiest thing ever and there are so many places for the elves to hide in the house.

Coffee Elf.jpg

🎄 If your Elf is feeling under the weather, make sure you set him up with the proper items to help him get to feeling better!

Tissue Elf.jpg

🎄 If you’re itching for a fun craft project to put out with your Elf, check out this tutorial from Make Life Lovely for a cute little Elf Door.

Elf Door.jpg

🎄 Perhaps your Elf needs a little speed. Grab some legos and matchbox cars or hot-wheels and let him go for a car race.

Race Elf.jpg

🎄 Do you want to build a snowman? Your Elf does!!

Snowman Elf.jpg

🎄 Is your Elf an adrenaline junkie? Check out this cute DIY Lego Zipline from Mama Cheaps.  Tutorial here.

Zipline Elf.jpg

🎄 The Elf on the Shelf is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, and today she’s a painter.

Painter Elf.jpg

🎄 ‘Nuf said for this Elf! LOL

Warning Elf.jpg

🎄 Another Poo reference!

Poo Elf.jpg

🎄 This Batman Elf  has got things handled.

Batman Elf.jpg

🎄 It’s the attack of the Lego People!!  

Attack Elf.jpg

🎄 If your Elf is feeling a bit lonely send him out on a date with Barbie… no curfew. 

Barbie Elf.jpg

🎄 Elves love doing the magic egg trick!!

Egg Elf.jpg

🎄 Another fun Elf zipline adventure.  This one is a little more simple and easy to set up.

Elf Line.jpg

🎄 This Elf decided to help with chores.  Way to get going on the laundry!

Laundry Elf.jpg

🎄 This set up cracks me up and is such a cute idea. I love the little Elf Illustrated magazine he’s enjoying while sunbathing.

Sun Elf.jpg

🎄 Need another use for all those tupperware lids? Why not let the Elf take a sledding ride?

Sled Elf.jpg

🎄 If you need to rope your kids into helping string lights, let the elf show you how it’s done.

Lights Elf.jpg

🎄 This cute idea shows a fun way to get Elsa from Frozen involved. Watch out though, you’ll need to thaw your Elf after.  Or you could just Let it go…

Frozen Elf.jpg

🎄 Everyone loves a good game of angry birds… even Christmas Elves.

Angry Birds Elf.jpg

🎄 Yup it’s messy, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive activity for your Elf that will make the kiddos crack up, try making snow angels in flower on the countertop.

Snow Angel Elf.jpg

🎄 Does your Elf have a 5 o’clock shadow? Set this up for your kids to find in the morning.

Shave Elf

🎄 This scene cracks me up every time. A good rescue mission might be in order here. Set the scene with some army figurines and blue painters tape.

Army Elf

🎄 Drawing on your family photos with dry erase markers is certainly one of the Elf’s more mischievous tricks.

Drawing Elf.jpg

🎄 Everyone loves watching Christmas movies, don’t leave out your Elf!

Movie Elf.jpg

🎄 Here’s another fun way to dress up a family photo…  Rudolph style.

Rudolph Elf.jpg

🎄 Ummmm…. Someone got their hand stuck in the cookie jar.  Or more aptly, in the M&M bag.  Naughty Elf.

M&M Elf.jpg

🎄 TPing the Christmas tree.

Tree TP Elf.jpg

🎄 Boy those reindeer make a mess!

Reindeer Poop Elf.jpg

🎄 This. Is. Adorable.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, or have kids that are, make sure your Elf has a day to be Harry this Holiday.

HP Elf.jpg

🎄 Do I need to put a caption? 

Farting Elf.jpg

🎄  Get your Elves into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It’s the Elf Bucket Challenge.

Elf Bucket Challenge.jpg

🎄 Recycle those old Pringles containers and let your Elf wear it for a day.

Pringles Elf.jpg

🎄 Have your Elf bring the kiddos a Gingerbread House Kit!

Gingerbread Elf

🎄 Hide and Seek!  Your Elf fits perfectly in the silverware drawer.

Silvewear Elf.jpg

🎄 Is your Elf a joker? Ours is!

London Elf.jpg

🎄 This Elf idea is so fun and your kids will love it.

Poop Cookie Elf'.jpg

🎄 Tie your Elf up and let the kiddos rescue him from the train!

Train Elf.jpg

🎄 Just let your Elf hang around.5c10c8b1cf820-Bq6PuNYF3zP-png__700

🎄 Don’t do this one unless you have another toilet to use!


🎄 Our Elf usually ends up in the laundry at least once a year.


🎄 If your Elf likes to live on the edge, perhaps he likes to Rock – or bow – climb.


🎄 With all that candy and marshmallow consumption, perhaps your Elf needs a good workout.

Elf Workout.jpg

🎄 This idea is hilarious.  Use washable markers to draw funny faces on your kiddos.  Or use a red marker and give them a Rudolph nose.  

Face Elf.jpg

🎄 HOT DOG that’s a clever Elf.

Hotdog Elf.jpg

🎄 For those of you who have stuck it out until the very end, I’ve compiled a little slideshow of completely inappropriate but hilarious Elf on the Shelf scenes.  View with caution!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got some ideas we didn’t cover?  Make sure to share them with us below!!!

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