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DIY Christmas Ball Makover

Who doesn’t have a bunch of old and slightly boring Christmas Tree Ball ornaments lying around in a box?  Give them a makeover by covering them with strips of newsprint and they get a whole new rustic look!



Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments

Decopage/Modge Podge

Paint Brush


  1. Start by cutting about 1 cm wide strips of newsprint or a page from an old book. christmasballmakeover2

  2. Brush on decoupage varnish on one paper strip at a time and cover the Christmas ball from top to bottom. christmasballmakeover3.jpg

  3. When the ball is completely covered, brush on an extra layer of varnish on top of everything. christmasballmakeover4.jpg

  4. We used glossy decoupage paint. Attach a fine band to the ball and hang to dry.christmasballmakeover5.jpg

    The kiddos and I really enjoyed this simple yet fun craft.  The kids added a few extra sparkles and touches to theirs as well as finger knitted the hangers.  They’ll be a great extra little present from them for friends and family!  Hope you enjoy and let us know your favorite fun DIY projects this season!

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