DIY Twig & Raffia Star Ornaments

I love a cute and creative star ornament, but these simple twig and raffia star ornaments have got to be one of my favorites star crafts that the kiddos and I have made.


Being a Montessori family, when we’re crafting with the kiddos, we often make our crafts from items found in nature.  It’s an inexpensive way for us to enjoy crafting, a great excuse to get outside, to explore the beautiful complexities in nature, and to appreciate our surroundings.

Each girl gets their own bag or basket and we head off on a treasure hunt in the pines behind our home to gather the items we will be using for this craft.

The twig star ornaments we ended up making are so simple and rustic, and they turned out really pretty.  I imagine something like this at Pottery Barn or some fancy store you’d pay an astronomical amount for.  Instead, we spent time together in nature and created something beautiful on our own.

We decided to gift a few of these beauties to friends and family and pick our favorites for the Christmas tree.  They’d also look stunning strung into a garland or displayed on a fireplace mantle, perhaps some twinkle lights entwined with them.

  • Twigs (about the same diameter as a pencil)
  • Raffia in any color you choose
  • Hot Glue Gun



After we gathered our sticks, we had some play time while I trimmed the twigs so they were all about the same length.

With my glue gun, I glued 5  sticks together to form the stars, letting the ends of the twigs over-lap each other a little.


Then I gave the kiddos three long strands of raffia: one red, one green and one natural.  I tied the raffia to the star to secure it in place, and they wrapped and wound it all around the twigs.

It doesn’t matter if you have them wrap the raffia around the twigs tightly or looser, it all depends on the look they’re going for.  Let them use their creativity.


I just love the look of these rustic twig ornaments and the way they turned out!  I’m getting excited to think of all the different ornaments we can make with twigs!

Don’t you just love a kids’ craft that looks this great and costs next to nothing to make?


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