DIY Copper & Twig Wreaths

Is that the most wonderful time of the year I smell in the air?

copper+and+twig+wreaths+_+erika+rax (2)Have I mentioned I’ve always loved all things Christmas? Our Holiday season is filled with doing all things Holidayish: go ice skating, drink mint Baileys, put up the Christmas tree, lights and decor (at an appropriate time of course – ie after Thanksgiving), shovel snow, go twinkly light hunting, view the Christmas Light Cruise on Lake Coeur d’ Alene, wear hideous matching family PJs, spend lots of time with family, and get snowed on.

In addition, the kiddos and I make fun Christmas Tree ornaments and wreaths.  We usually try to hang at least one wreath to decorate the house. This year, we’re going to go with something cheerful, shiny and chic to go with our freshly painted house.



  • Twigs (length and diameter to your desired wreath size)
  • Copper Pressure Cup x Cup Coupling with Stop Fitting (Size Depending on Twig Diameter)
  • Ribbon
  • Pine Boughs, Moss, pods, acorns, and anything else you’d like on your wreath
  • Optional – for a bit of color you can go to the fabric store and get some colored berries to add as well



copper+and+twig+wreaths+_+erika+rax (1)

  1. Grab the copper thingy(s) at the hardware store.
  2. Forage outside with the kiddos for pine boughs, twigs (extra points for mossy ones), pods and acorns at the park.
  3. Put on your slippers, make tea or hot chocolate, and crank the holiday music.
  4. Thread the copper thingy over the twig and center (or offset, whichever you think looks best).
  5. Haphazardly cram pine, pods, smaller twigs, and acorns into the copper thingy (add in colored berries if you got them).
  6. Fasten ribbon at each end of the main twig.
  7. Hang and enjoy!

copper+and+twig+wreaths+_+erika+rax (4)

copper+and+twig+wreaths+_+erika+rax (5).jpg

Easy peasy little project for yourself and the kiddos!  It turns out so elegant!  What’s your favorite tradition?  Are you doing anything new this year?

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