DIY Pine Cone Bow Ornament

Here’s a a mini tutorial on Pine cone Ornaments that took like 30 seconds to put together! Okay, maybe 3 minutes each…  (In fact, they were so quick that they’d be the perfect friend-craft-night project.  Nice and simple means a little bit o’ crafting………and a lotta bit o’ chatting and laughing. )


These pine cones are so simple but beautiful little guys!


Here’s how these are made:

First, purchase some jute…


…cut a piece long enough to attach to the pine cone, yet still fit around a tree branch.  Glue the two ends to the top of the pine cone.


You can purchase pine cones that are unscented, or slightly cinnamon scented.  Or make your own with this tutorial.  Just be sure that it hangs nicely once it’s attached.


Then tie a bow out of some ribbon (this one is beige satin ribbon, 1.5 inches wide).


Then, I found that attaching the bow to the jute actually allows the bow to hang a little nicer.  I started by attaching the bow to the top of the pine cone but that was making the ribbon ends looks wonky and not hang nicely.  So, skip my mistake and add it to the jute with some hot glue, just above the top of the pine cone.


Then, cut the ends of the ribbon at a diagonal, whatever length you like. My ribbon lengths varied, depending on the pine cone size, but the ribbon ends were generally as long as the pine cone.


Then heat seal the ends of your ribbon with a lighter.  (Once you cut ribbon, it will fray and gradually look terrible. To keep this from happening, hold the edge of the ribbon next to a flame and this will slightly melt the edges, keeping them from fraying.)


Now, make several more……hang…….and enjoy! 🙂


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