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sven-brandsma-rYAdzJNfzC8-unsplashSometimes cleaning everything in a day (or even a couple!) can be overwhelming. You work all day during the week only to spend your weekends catching up on all that housework. No one wants to spend their entire weekend like that!What if we told you there was a better way – and no, I don’t mean a housekeeper (no bashing the housekeeper though, we all wish we had one…)? No more Saturdays spent inside missing all those fun-tivities with your family!

Let’s talk about getting those weekends back to whatever else we’d all rather be doing,  making cleaning fun for the whole family (yes you read that right), freebies and healthy cleaning options to use each and everyday.


If you’re like me sometimes you get behind on your household duties. Kid’s need clean clothes, the dishes need to be unloaded, the beds need to be made…I think we all get the idea, right? It’s overwhelming and can sometimes be a source of stress. But HAVE NO FEAR! There is a better way!

In just 30 minutes a day, YES, 30 minutes a day, you can keep your house tidy all week long! Below is a fun little freebie just for you. Print out this handy guide to hang on the fridge or put in a place that you always see. This guide will show you the main areas of each space in your home that you need to hit on a daily basis to keep your home in tip top shape. If you have kiddos, incorporate this into their weekly chores and reward them for a job well done!  My girls DON’T love cleaning, but when I make it fun, they do admit a nice tidy room feels pretty darn good.


22724-mdThe best part of this whole thing is right here…Are you ready? Are you sure?…Dun dun duh DUH, when we said 30 minutes, you thought that was all at one time, right? Well guess what? It’s not! Divide your time in half, now you’ve got 15 minutes for the morning and 15 minutes for the evening. Now think of 5 upbeat songs that will get your booty grooving, make a playlist and tell Alexa to crank that jam!

Before you start, get your handy JE Speed Cleaning Guide, your Jordan Essentials Cleaning Solution and anything else you might need during your 15 minutes.

As the songs change, shout out song #2 is done, song #3 is done! This adds a bit of excitement as you try to beat the clock. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. The youngest little can contribute to the cleanliness of your home because using Jordan Essentials Healthy Home Cleaning Solution, you can have peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals, vapors or residue.


Hope you Enjoy!

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