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Let’s Talk About Pits


So let’s just go ahead and talk about something that we, as women (and men), don’t normally like to chat about.  Pits.  Yup, those armpits who have so many negative slang terms, are thought of as stinky and gross, and whom most of us would just like to forget about.  Let’s face it, Chrissy Teigen is publicly talking about Botoxing her armpits to prevent sweating; Emily Ratajkowski is sparking debate about armpit hair because apparently people don’t think it’s real;  and “brightening your armpits” is a hot topic in Google news.

Your underarms can reveal a lot about your health. Who knew that such a small area of your body could impact so many aspects of how your body functions. It’s a big deal because your underarms can help you understand your health on a larger scale.  Read more about that here.

Do you read cautions and warning about ingredients? Do you flip over a bottle faster than John Wayne draws a gun? Maybe you just feel guilty but do not know why or really want to put that much energy into being nontoxic.

There is a simple solution! Essential Oils!

5 powerful Essentials Oils blend in ancient formula to ward off the plague and sometimes your pit odor is that plague!

Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus to the rescue.

Arm pits can be more sensitive than your Great Aunt Simone at Christmas dinner. Sensitive under-arms need TLC, and that doesn’t mean using harmful deodorants that contain toxins like parabens or aluminum!  Jordan Essentials Deodorants are a safer alternative…and coupled with our Spritz Your Pits Spray, those odors just don’t stand a chance!

So take the Spritz Your Pits Challenge and experience the difference Jordan Essentials can make in your freshness…without the toxic chemicals!

Follow the steps below for two weeks and then comment below with your results.  We know you’ll love the difference!

  1. Cleanse with Jordan Essentials Shower Gel or one of our other amazing soaps.

  2. When you get out of the shower, dry off completely, then spritz the underarms with Jordan Essentials Spritz Your Pits Spray.

  3. Allow the spray to dry, then follow up with your favorite Jordan Essentials Deodorant (optional step, depending on your needs).

  4. In most cases, reapplication won’t be necessary. If you feel in need of a little “boost”, add another spritz of Spritz Your Pits Spray or Deodorant. If you are still experiencing odor, use Jordan Essentials Purifying Charcoal Mask or Jordan Essentials Charcoal Soap while showering for a deeper “detox” of the pits.

Watch the Video Here!

Resistance Pit Challenge from Jordan Essentials on Vimeo.

How does this work so well?  Spritz Your Pits Spray contains powerful essential oils that are anti-bacterial, and bacteria is the leading cause of pit odor as your body naturally flushes toxins through the lymph system and sweat.
Join the Spritz Your Pits Challenge and enjoy Healthy Skin, and a Healthy Life.

Leave your comment below with the results of your challenge.  What products did you use and what did you like best?

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