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How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

What Are Strawberry Legs?


You might have heard of the term strawberry legs.  It’s the informal term that essentially describes the darkened pores or little bumps on the legs.  The term comes from the pointed or pitted look that resembles a strawberry’s skin and seeds.  These darkened pores are actually either a build-up of dirt, oil, and bacteria or a skin condition.

The open comedones that cause strawberry legs to appear, are widened hair follicles or enlarged pores that contain a trapped oil, bacteria, and dead skin mixture.  After shaving, it may darken when the follicle or pore is exposed to air.

This condition seems to be more common in people with darker skin, but anyone can be affected.  Strawberry Legs can appear as a result of dry skin, acne, or folliculitis.  Not to worry!!!  There are several methods you can use to help your skin to hide these dark spots.

If you want to get rid of those things, trust me, you’re not alone.  Although this condition is not dangerous, the appearance is less than appealing.


Exfoliation is a MUST.  Doing this regularly can help remove layers of dead skin, which makes the hair penetrate through the skin, instead of growing back into your skin.  There are a huge variety of exfoliating products, but we always recommend and promote using natural and healthy skin care products.  We recommend using Cucumber Spa Polish  or Salt Scrub applied to the areas in circular movements.  Massage for 5 minutes then rinse!


#2 – Shave With Care

One of the main contributors to strawberry legs are the ingrown hairs caused by a bad shaving technique.  Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of irritated legs:

  • Exfoliate a few days before shaving.
  • Always use a sharp razor and shave in the direction the hair grows.
  • When finished, rinse in cold water to close the pores.

#3 – Apply A Toner

Once you’re done exfoliating, the next step – often missed – is to use a toner.  Applying a toner to your skin will restore the natural pH scale to your skin.  This means that once you get all the junk out, a toner will counter any remaining irritation and seal up your freshly cleansed pores.  It’s like a vitamin for your skin!!  We recommend Toner Mist or Tea Tree Toner Mist for the maximum benefit for your skin.

#4 – Keep Skin Moisturized

This is THE MOST vital step in getting rid of those strawberry legs.  Moisturizing the skin regularly can help keep your skin healthy and free from irritation.  Irritation increases after activities like shaving, so to protect the barrier your skin provides and avoid dark pores, moisturize frequently with a high quality, natural lotion like Skin Relief, Solid Lotion Bar, or at least a deeply penetrating Shea Body Butter.




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