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Here’s the deal.  I’ve got that red tint in my hair, freckles, and for some reason bugs LOVE ME.  We never officially made a statement about our relationship, but if I had it my way, they would stay FAR AWAY from me.  I’m the girl that walks into the forest and immediately has 20 bites.  None of my friends or family even get bit while I’m around.  There was NEVER anything that was remotely effective for keeping the critters away that didn’t contain DEET, which as we all know does not really mesh well with trying to live a chemical free, healthy lifestyle.  Enter Bug Away, my knight in shining armor!!

Insects are the most abundant animals on earth, and even though only a small percentage of them are considered pests, those few pesky species do pack a punch in the annoyance factor.  Images of a blissful and relaxing time outdoors are quickly squashed at the first sound of that high pitched buzz we all know so well.

Are you – like me – one of those lucky people who can step one foot outside and get swarmed?  Any outdoor activity inevitably results in a cloud of bugs surrounding you, just waiting to take little bites!  While others may seem to be immune to those pesky critters that are so annoying, you find yourself dreading those outdoor activities that would otherwise be so much fun without uninvited guests.  You don’t want to be confined indoors, just to avoid being eaten alive. But, you don’t want to use any harmful chemicals, either! So many products on the market are effective because they use toxic ingredients that not only repel the bugs, but put your health at risk!

Luckily, we have Jordan Essentials Bug Away Spray.  Instead of harmful ingredients, the Bug Away Spray uses ingredients created by God to naturally repel pests, like Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oil.


Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (not to be confused with Lemon Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil) comes from the leaves of a particular species of eucalyptus tree.  Not only a powerful and effective tool for repelling pests like mosquitoes and ticks, it also may help with muscle spasms, joint pain, sinus issues,and is anti-fungal.

Peppermint Essential Oil was added for additional bug-away power by repelling spiders!  Peppermint is also very effective at repelling rodents, too! Plus, peppermint has tons of other benefits including soothing and cooling properties.  And best of all, it smells amazing!

The Jordan Essentials Bug Away Spray can be applied directly to the skin, onto clothing, on pets (except cats), and sprayed around your environment.  You can confidently use it on children over 3 years old, and for younger kiddos, apply it to their strollers, carriers, and surroundings to give them the protection without applying directly to their skin.


So if you, or any loved ones you know,  want to have fun this summer without the stress of pests and bugs, be sure to try Jordan Essentials Bug Away Spray!

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