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Essential Oils and Pets- What You Need to Know

You love them like family. Essentials oils and healthy tips for your fur babies to care and pamper them.

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Stay Healthier This Winter!

Versatile, aromatic and powerful, essential oils have been used to create safe alternatives in formulas that can be used to spray in the air, spray our body and household items, add to a diffuser, use as a foaming hand wash to help keep us healthier during the cold and flu seasons.

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4 Easy Steps for Highlighting & Contouring for Beginners

Highlighting and contouring can be intimidating for beginners. Here are 4 easy steps to start you on your way to beautiful and natural-looking highlighting and contouring!

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Boost Your Fight Against Aging!

Supporting the skin on our face is especially important. We want to put our best face forward every day and for many people, the face is where we begin to show signs of aging first. Serums are a great start to boost your healthy, younger-looking appearance!

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Self-Care Tips for the New Year

Self-care is an important process for being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. It often falls to the wayside as it’s pushed back behind other daily tasks but if you try to make self-care a priority for yourself this year, you will surely see the benefits! Here are 4 quick tips to make your new year the best!

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How to Make Non-Toxic Aromatherapy Play-dough

Kids love play-dough! Hey, even some adults love play-dough! What if we told you that you could make non-toxic, safe play-dough with just ingredients found right in your home! Guess what? We are going to show you how to do just that! This homemade play-dough is made with real food ingredients! The best part?!? The kids and grand-kids can all help! This is a great indoor activity for those cooler days approaching. Are you ready to get started?!? Let’s do this!

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New Year – New Habits

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020, and hello to a whole new slew of resolutions that last a couple of weeks and then back to our old ways. Tired of setting a goal and then not achieving it? With a small amount of self-control and a bit of determination, you can create a new habit that requires minimal effort to maintain. Here are 8 easy ways to create a new habit and stick to it.


6 Ways to Prep Your Face to Look Your Holiday Best

Do you have a holiday party coming up? Sometimes it can be hard to find just that right look for the party you are attending. We want to look gorgeous but also natural and not overdone. Want perfect makeup? It’s what you do before applying makeup that counts.


Last Minute Gift Ideas They Will LOVE

If you're scrambling for a last minute holiday gift, there's a thoughtful, unique, and meaningful present for everyone on your list here.

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Essential Oils – Your Essential Holiday Support System

Do not let the holidays get you down. Essential oils added to your daily routine can help lift your mood and relieve stress!